My name is Jalara Freyja.
I hail from Windhelm, and I am a devout supporter of Ulfric and the Stormcloaks.
I am also a member of the Companions.
I have few friends, and I prefer it that way.
I attend the College of Winterhold, though my interest in magic is mostly out of curiosity.
When I am not studying or out on a job, I am likely in the wilderness, by myself.
Above all things, I am a Nord, proud and true to my people.

OOC Note: This account is mostly for head canon based around Jalara, her friends Zidiena and Khir'aji, and their journeys together in Skyrim.

Tales of a Nord: "A little doodling in your spare time there Jary?" 




“Throwing it out might be a bad idea, especially if a certain Jarl comes across it somehow,” Zidiena smirked.

“Heh heh, what Jarl would be interested in a silly drawing?”

“Oh I don’t know, maybe the one on the ‘silly’ drawing.”

Jalara turned slightly, clutching the piece of paper in her hands. “And just how would said Jarl see it?”

“A gust of wind could pick it up out of the trash bin and carry it to the steps of said Jarl’s residence, I don’t know,”  Zidiena shrugged “A guard could present it to him, there are many options.”

"Or a certain best friend might pick it out of the trash and bring it to him herself?" She raised her brow at Zidiena.

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    "I may have, I may not have," Zidiena glared at Jalara, " What’s it to you?"
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    "I’m willing to wager that you haven’t earned a single piece of gold in your purse.”