My name is Jalara Freyja.
I hail from Windhelm, and I am a devout supporter of Ulfric and the Stormcloaks.
I am also a member of the Companions.
I have few friends, and I prefer it that way.
I attend the College of Winterhold, though my interest in magic is mostly out of curiosity.
When I am not studying or out on a job, I am likely in the wilderness, by myself.
Above all things, I am a Nord, proud and true to my people.

OOC Note: This account is mostly for head canon based around Jalara, her friends Zidiena and Khir'aji, and their journeys together in Skyrim.

Tales of a Nord: "A little doodling in your spare time there Jary?" 


“A garnet?  I’m not marrying you! For the love of the nine!”

“Yes, a garnet! You know I love them more than any gem in Skyrim! Why do you think I hoard the bloody things in a case at home?” She laughed. “And besides, the last time you got drunk, you did try to propose to me.”

“I know you love them more than anything, and I think you hoard them to corner the market,” Zidiena scowled, “As for the proposial, I won a thousand Septim bet with that stunt.”

"Then why in the world did I have to buy you a horse!?” She stopped and thought about the first statement. “Cornering the market doesn’t sound like a bad idea, now that you mention it.”

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    "I may have, I may not have," Zidiena glared at Jalara, " What’s it to you?"
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    "I’m willing to wager that you haven’t earned a single piece of gold in your purse.”