My name is Jalara Freyja.
I hail from Windhelm, and I am a devout supporter of Ulfric and the Stormcloaks.
I am also a member of the Companions.
I have few friends, and I prefer it that way.
I attend the College of Winterhold, though my interest in magic is mostly out of curiosity.
When I am not studying or out on a job, I am likely in the wilderness, by myself.
Above all things, I am a Nord, proud and true to my people.

OOC Note: This account is mostly for head canon based around Jalara, her friends Zidiena and Khir'aji, and their journeys together in Skyrim.

((Changing up my head canon a bit. The mods I got to make it possible to marry Ulfric won’t work. Don’t know why. So seeing as Ralof was my next choice, and in my head canon he and Jalara are very close anyway, I married her to him. It’s nice running around with Ralof. He one shots just about everyone xD))

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